Telephony Detailing Portal – TDP


The Telephony Detailing Portal allows service providers to rethink the end user data collection process where an existing Cisco Telephony system is not in use, removing the need for significant inputs into the end to end process by the delivery team. TDP will provide project managers with the ability to initiate the end to end process and provide them with full visibility, to allow them to manage the process directly with the customer.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Customer ownership of data
  • Customer driven approval process without the use of spreadsheets
  • Shared access to the latest data for PM, provisioners and the customer
  • User reporting so potential delays can be easily identified and managed
  • Shortened timeframe for collection of detailing data
  • Improved ability to meet standard provisioning times
  • High level of accuracy in data collected – reduced rework
  • Improved customer experience