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Collaboration Onboarding Software

  • Telephony Detailing Portal – TDP

    Provides an automated process for user driven collection, approval and preparation of customer detailing data Project Managers and Customer Prime/ Site delegates, manage the end to end process via the TDP portal

  • Migrate Assist Toolkit – MAT

    Provides automated generation customer site based detailing, through extraction of existing CUCM system configurations. Data collected via MAT (or TDP) is migrated into a common data model that is then used by the MAT onboarding software to auto provision.

  • Perimeta SBC Management Application – Perimate

    Perimate automates Perimeta SBC configuration management
    With minimal input via the user interface, configuration is automatically generated, checked and pushed to the Perimeta SBC.

  • TestMate

    HCS Dial Plan Testing Application – TestMate

    Dialplan and Post-Migration Testing

    Automated HCS Dial Plan Testing and post-migration User Acceptance Testing

  • HCS Capacity Management

    SAMT Portal

    The system administration management portal provides system administrators with one stop configuration portal for cisco unified communications

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